Our Approach

The approach for our main business: ICO and IEO scams.

Gathering of investors

The first step in the process is the gathering of investors. Next we inspect the case and work with the investors to build up a case.


After we gathered the investors we start a thorough investigation. Together with the investors we combine all information and if needed we hire a detective to locate f.e. missing funds or project owners.

Claims & Lawsuits

The last step in the process will be either to file a claim or when that isn't enough to start up a lawsuit. We do so with as primary goal the return of investor's funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Crypto Tribunal?
The Crypto Tribunal is a legal platform that has as goal to bring trust back into the crypto scene. This platform will have two types of participants. The first type are the victims and the second are the professionals we will use to search for criminals to prosecute them. Lawyers, detectives, analysts, etc. As well as seeking justice, we are also aiming to recover the lost funds of the victims.

With this platform we can work to cleanse the whole market of fraudulent activity, uncovering and solving pre-exisiting scams and preventing them from occuring in the future.

Our platform is providing this as a service and does NOT collect any funds, guarantee refunds or represent either party involved.

Who are our targets?
In general our targets are the founders of fraudulent projects who have illegally collected substantial amounts of money. They raised funds, flew from one conference to the other with business class, lived in expensive hotels and continued to live a lavish lifestyle for years using the raised funds.

How will it work?
We rank fraudulent projects by the following criteria: the amount of stolen funds and the activity of the community. Professionals will also base their work on this ranking, from the initial stage to the refund.

In order to finance the next stage of the procedure, there will be a fundraising event. These stages are not expensive. There are multiple stages, but each of them is non-expensive and allows one to proceed to the next step. This is intended to save money. If we reach a certain stage and it becomes clear that what we are doing won't be a success, we avoided spending big sums on useless research.

How will it be organized?
To organize interaction within each community movement, we plan to create a special blockchain called a Consillium, which will be a private blockchain containing representatives for the community movement who are given supervising rights. These representatives will consist of an association of lawyers.

They will offer those who have been defrauded the opportunity to use them as their representatives to recover funds that have been invested in fraudulent projects. They will then make an offer - a trust agreement - to become an attorney for those persons who have accept this offer.